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  • Who can use the Easy Visa Residence Application Online System?
    Persons (1) to (7) below can use the online residence application system. (1) Foreign nationals (2) Legal representatives (parents, guardians of minors, guardians of adults) (3) Relatives (spouse, child, father or mother) (excluding legal representatives) (4) Lawyers and Administrative Scrivener (5) Employees of affiliated institutions (Note 2)  * In the case of technical intern training (supervising organization type), staff of the supervising organization    ※ In the case of foreign construction workers (designated activity notification No. 32) and foreign shipbuilding workers (designated activity notification No. 35), employees of designated supervising organizations For those (until the end of March 2023) (6) Public interest corporations aiming to smoothly accept foreigners (Note 3) (7) Staff of registration support organizations (Note 3) (Note 1) The procedures that can be applied for each person from (1) to (7) are here (PDF). (Note 2) Persons in (5) are approved as an application intermediary by the regional immigration office, or Must meet approval requirements. (Note 3) Persons in (6) and (7) must have received a request from their affiliated institution and have the application, etc. You must be approved as a person.
  • Q.What is Easy Visa?
    A. Easy Visa is a service for applying for a status of residence online.
  • Q. What time is it available?
    A.It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Inquiries via e-mail or inquiry form are also accepted 24 hours a day (*2).
  • What are the advantages of the online residency application system?
    It has the following advantages.(1) There is no need to go to a regional immigration office to apply.(2) You can apply online 24 hours a day from the office.(3) In certain cases, it is possible to receive a residence card, etc. by mail.
  • What kind of procedures can I do with the residence application online system?
    The procedures that can be applied through the online residence application system are as follows. (1) Application for Certificate of Eligibility (2) Application for change of status of residence (3) Application for extension of period of stay (4) Application for permission to obtain status of residence (5) Employment qualification certificate issuance (6) Application for re-entry permit at the same time as (2)-(4) (7) Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted at the same time as (2) to (4) (Note) Regarding the status of residence that can be applied for on the residence application online system, please refer to Available Application Types and Status of Residence (Scope) (PDF).
  • Q.What documents are required for user registration?
    A.There are no documents required. However, when you register as an Easy Visa user, you will be asked to set a password arbitrarily. Because it is linked to the Immigration Bureau's system, you will need an Immigration online system connection ID (authentication ID and password).
  • Q.How much is the fee?
    A.The system fee for the basic version is free. A separate transmission fee will be charged when you send the residence application documents (*4).
  • Q.Do you exchange written contracts, visit or come to the store?
    A. Easy Visa can be used after agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy. Since it will be completed online, there is no visit or visit. In addition, we do not conclude NDA or outsourcing agreements for each school individually.
  • Q.Can I register as an individual user?
    A. Yes, you can register as an individual user, but in order to increase the probability that your status of residence will be accepted, we recommend that you receive support from a lawyer or administrative scrivener before applying. (*1).
  • Q.Are there any other costs besides the transmission fee?
    A.No. It doesn't cost anything else.
  • I have registered my user information, but I have not received an email notifying me that my user information has been registered. What should I do?
    If you do not receive an email within one day after registering your user information, please contact the Online Residence Application System Help Desk.  In some cases, the user's e-mail settings are set to refuse to receive e-mails, so please check the settings to see if it is possible to receive e-mails from the "" domain.  In addition, the online residence application system has access restrictions for overseas IP addresses, so if you register a free email address, the notification email will often be stored in spam or not delivered.  We recommend registering an email address with a provider in Japan.
  • Are there any conditions when attaching the documents to be submitted (materials corresponding to the activities in Japan (status of residence))?
    Only one file can be attached. If you have multiple documents, please put them in one file. In addition, the conditions are as follows. ・It must be a PDF file (extension ".pdf"). ・The file size must be 10MB or less. ・The image must be clear and the contents can be visually confirmed (we recommend that the resolution is equivalent to 200dpi or higher.) (Note) Regarding attached files In the case of the following files, there are many cases where an error occurs. ○ If the file has security settings  Example: A password is set  Printing is prohibited   Copy/paste is prohibited If network authentication is required when browsing ○ If the format does not conform to "ISO 32000-1 (PDF standard) These files cannot be checked by the Immigration Bureau, so you will be asked to submit "materials according to the content of your activities in Japan" again by mail or by bringing them to the counter. Please keep this in mind. Please note that even if the file is processed as an error file, no error message will be displayed.
  • Q.I cannot convert the submitted documents into PDF format. What should I do?
    A.Please take a picture of the entire document and upload it.
  • Q.What kind of mechanism is there to prevent input errors?
    A. Easy Visa is equipped with various support functions so that even students applying for residence for the first time can complete the application process smoothly. In addition, based on the usage data of international students and school staff, we analyze operations that are easy to make mistakes and add assist functions as needed. Equipped input control (example): ・If you register your name in lower case, it will be automatically converted to upper case ・Enter the date from the calendar ・Upload the documents to be submitted for each item, etc.
  • Q. Is it possible to apply for permanent residence and apply for procedures related to the residence card (notification of change of items other than address, application for renewal of validity period of residence card, etc.)?
    A. With Easy Visa, you cannot apply for permission for permanent residence or perform procedures related to residence card (notification of change of items other than address, application for renewal of validity period of residence card, etc.).
  • Q. 入力した内容をPDFにして確認したいのですが、どうすればいいですか?
    A. 入力した画面上で、マウスの右ボタンをクリック、ポップアップメニューから、印刷を選択して、印刷の送信先をAdobe PDFに変更してPDFとして保存することができます。  詳細設定の倍率をカスタム80%等に調整して表示内容をご確認ください。
  • Q.I don't know how to upload documents. What should I do?
    A.To upload a document, click the pencil icon to display the file selection dialog and select the file you want to upload.
  • Q.Can it be used with other systems?
    A. Yes, you can. Registration data can also be downloaded in CSV format (*3). Institutions that have been managed with Excel and paper so far can realize operational efficiency.
  • Q.I would like to apply for multiple applications at once.
    A. When using the Pro version, the number of applications that can be submitted at one time as CSV data is 300.
  • Q. 入力した内容をPDFにして申請者に内容の確認を連絡したいのですが、どうすればいいですか?
    A. あらかじめ入力した内容をPDF化しておきます。(参照先:「入力した内容をPDFにするには…」)  PDFの画面キャプチャーを切取って、送信するメールに貼付します。
  • Q. ホームページを母国語で見ることはできますか?
    A. はい、できます。   次の方法でご自分の国の言葉に表示を変更することができます。   翻訳については、 Googleの自動翻訳(機械翻訳)機能を利用して翻訳するため、必ずしも正確な翻訳ではない場合があります。また、部分的に自動で翻訳されない箇所もあります。本機能が利用できない場合はJavaScriptを有効にしたり調整してください。   特定のブラウザを使用しているなど、一部の閲覧環境によって本機能が利用できないことがあります。  1. 入力画面をすべて範囲選択します。(Cntrl+a)  2. 範囲選択された状態で、マウスの右ボタンをクリック、ポップアップメニューより、「範囲選択を〇〇に翻訳」を選択します。 3. 表示されたGoogle Translateのメニュー右上の閉じるボタンの左隣に表示される、翻訳オプションボタン(タテ3つの黒●)をクリックします。 4. 「別の言語を選択」を選択します。 5. 「翻訳先の言語」を選択して、「翻訳」ボタンをクリックします。※翻訳先はカタカナで50音順に表示されます。漢字表記は一番最後に表示されます。 6. 「ページ全体を翻訳」ボタンをクリックします。 7. ページ全体が翻訳されたのを確認して、画面上の何もないところでマウスをクリックすると、ページ全体の範囲選択が解除されます。
  • Q.Can you issue an invoice?
    A.The payment method is a credit card or automatic withdrawal from a bank account. Therefore, we do not issue invoices (*5).
  • Q.I run multiple schools. Can the person in charge of each school manage it individually?
    A.Using the multi-login function, you can manage and take charge of multiple schools across the board.
  • Q.Is there a custom report function such as a school's own application form?
    A. Sorry, we do not support custom reports. Registration data can also be downloaded in CSV format (*3). It is possible to use it by processing it into form data.
  • Q.Are there any regions that are not supported? / Can I use the service from a rural area?
    A.Since our company completes communication online, you can use it from anywhere in the world.
  • Q. Please tell me the environment to use the software.
    A. EasyVisa is a web application, so it is a software program that runs on a web server. Unlike traditional desktop applications that are launched by the operating system (OS) of the user's PC, it is accessed via a web browser, so there are not many restrictions on the environment in which it is used.







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